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About us

Started in 2016 South Paw Draw By Alexander Kolanek. Originally intended to help left handed shooters find left handed gear it soon became apparent that to continue, the offerings couldn't be limited to left hand only. After finding success on the worlds largest online marketplace they were censored off of every marketplace they had been established in the days following the Parkland Florida tragedy.

After a year and a half of scraping to stay afloat and rebuild their site, fighting censorship the entire way. They finally found the platforms who would allow them to stay online in a data secure enviroment.

South Paw Draw has proven its devotion to keeping second amendment products available to gun loving law abiding Americans. Though it started as a labor of love, all the targeting to wipe them from the face of the internet by big intenet, solidified the resolve to serve their customers better than anyone else out there.

It was a matter of principal, and a matter of preserving an extra sliver of space for the second amendment in the online world. Though the site is constantly being worked on to offer more products to you our customers we are proud to present you with our online store, and would love nothing more than to impress you with the best service possible online in the 2A vertical.