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10mm Auto

The 10mm Auto is a powerful semi-automatic pistol cartridge first developed by American Jeff Cooper and introduced in 1983 with the Bren Ten pistol. Its design was adopted and later produced by ammunition manufacturer FFV Norma AB of Åmotfors, Sweden. Wikipedia
Bullet diameter: : C.I.P.: 10.17 mm (0.400 in); SAAMI:.4005 in (10.17 mm);
Maximum pressure (SAAMI): 37,500 psi (259 MPa)
Case length: : C.I.P.: 25.20 mm (0.992 in); SAAMI:.992 in (25.2 mm);
Case capacity: 1.56 cm3 (24.1 gr H2O)
Maximum pressure (C.I.P.): 230 MPa (33,000 psi)
Overall length: : C.I.P.: 32.00 mm (1.260 in); SAAMI: 1.250 in (31.8 mm);
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